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Modern Warfare

Concepts, methods, and technology, emphasizing how combatants must modernize to preserve their battle worthiness. It a contemporary warfare that includes Biological, Information, psychological, space, cyber, chemical, and more types of warfare.

Artistic illustration of weather warfare

Weather Warfare: Weather Modification Technology in Warfare

The Hazardous Nature of the Environment has attracted it to be modified as a weapon of war. Know how it can be used in Weather Warfare.
Artistic illustration of highly toxic toxins in glass jar

Toxins: Venom within Living Cells or Organisms

The venom within living cells or organisms: In-depth analysis about Toxins, particular attention is focused on the Biotoxins that can be used as Biological weapons.
Artistic illustration of Nanotechnology In Warfare And Defence

Nanotechnology in Future Warfare and Defense

The growth of Nanotechnology in Future Warfare and Defence has a dominant platform at the forefront of military interests in the use, or misuse of its power.
Biological warfare.

Biological Warfare: Emerging Weapons of Mass Destruction

Biological warfare, germ warfare, or the use of biological toxins; it's an Emerging Weapons of Mass Destruction in the 21st century. Learn more how
hardware trojan

Hardware Trojan: Kill Switch within the circuitry of an integrated circuit

An emerging threat to the integrity of weapons. Hardware Trojans: kill switch in Integrated circuits (ICs) and their applications and military weapons.
Artistic Illustration of Psychological Warfare

Psychological Warfare: War without Arms and Weapons

Why are people so often made aware of the ugliness and carnage of war that they overlook one of the most commonly used weapons? Psychological warfare is one of the most effective but often underestimated aspects of warfare.
Artistic Illustration of the Network-centric warfare

Network-Centric Warfare: A New War Theory Emerging in the Information Age

A new war theory in the Information Age known as Network-centric warfare, represents the military's response to the Information Age. Learn what is network-centric warfare?
Illustration of Information Warfare

Information Warfare: Manipulation of Information in a War

What is information warfare, what methods are being used, and what is the goal of this conflict? what techniques are appropriate. We'll try to answer these and potentially more questions about this topic in this article.
Artistic illustration of global information grid

Worldwide Network of Information Transmission and Processing in Military

A globally networked, end-to-end collection of information capabilities for on-demand to warfighters, policymakers, and supporting all the defense forces.
Artistic Illustration of the Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare: The Digital Battlefield in Modern Warfare

In this article learn the intricacies of electronic warfare, explore its various components, including tactics, and implications for modern warfare with FAQs.
The Use of Chemical Weapons and the Evolution of the Norms | This Image shows the types of gas masks tested by the US in World War 1 | Credit: Kansas City National World War 1 Museum and Memorial.

Chemical Warfare: Intentional Use of Toxins in Warfare

Explore the nature of chemical warfare, its historical context, devastating consequences and the international efforts to combat its use.
Artistic illustration Representing Honey Trap.

The Evolution of Honey Trap From Ancient Times to the Digital...

The evolution of honey trap from ancient times to the digital era and how it has affected both individuals and nations. What precautions one can take to protect oneself?


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