Simulation Theory: All Possibilities of Reality is Artificial Simulation

Artistic Illustration of our Simulated self with our kind of experiences that are living in a simulation.
Image: Artistic Illustration of our Simulated self with our kind of experiences that are living in a simulation | Nick Bostrom argues that if "the fraction of all people with our kind of experiences that are living in a simulation is very close to one", then it follows that we probably live in a simulation.

Is the Universe a Computer Simulation? Is Simulation Theory proposed? Are all the aspects of reality, including the Earth and the Universe, really an artificial simulation? Is your reality a complex computer simulation? Why do some physicists believe that physical matter is not natural? What scientific experiments have changed our view of reality? Is everything we see simply a computer simulation and not reality? Know all the answers in this article.

Definition of computer simulation theory

A “simulation hypothesis” or “simulation theory” proposes that all aspects of reality, including the Earth and the universe, are artificial, most likely computer simulations. Some versions rely on developing a simulated reality, a proposed technique that would be realistic enough to convince its inhabitants that the simulation was accurate.

The great philosopher René Descartes used to say, “I think. Therefore I am”. But, our understanding in the U.S. is still evolving, so there are different theories and definitions of computer simulation in quantum physics, neuroscience, and philosophy.


The idea of ​​superposition was proposed in 1801 by physicist Thomas Young in the double-slit experiment. When we pass rays of light through a slit, it produces an expected line of light as it should be. But, something strange happens when light beams are passed through the double-slit. Instead of two lines of light, we see many lines. This suggests that photons also act like waves rather than particles as if they were rippling through the slits and scattered in different directions from each other. This pattern of particles has led scientists to believe that matter can act as particles and waves. It was a great discovery that changed the world of physics forever.

In 1970, British mathematician John Horton Conway created a project known as Conway’s Game of Life. Looking back on history, the Greek philosopher Socrates also believed that this world is inaccurate. It is also mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, in which Krishna tells Arjuna that this world is a Maya(illusion). So is the entire universe a computer simulation, next –

Game of Life

Game of Life is a program in which you have to enter some conditions in the beginning, and once the initial conditions are entered, a small set of simulation rules start to run. Some patterns only last briefly and then disappear; in-game parlance, they die; On the other hand, some designs continue forever. Today, every game you play is based on the principle of this computer simulation, games we can control as we wish.

A single Gosper's glider gun creating "gliders"
A single Gosper’s glider gun creating “gliders

So, just like this game, no computer simulation can give a significant result? A simulation of the entire universe that is not just dots and patterns on the screen but also a simulation with galaxies, planets, and life. More importantly, Is the universe a computer simulation? Or the world in which we are living is real?

If things only exist when observed, would black holes still exist if we had not measured their X-rays? Some physicists, such as Max Tegmark, believe that black holes and everything we consider honest is mathematical information. This idea is known as Information Realism. In philosophy, this idea of ​​reality being a product of our observation is known as Phenomenalism. It states that everything we experience is merely sensory data in our minds, such as the virtual reality of life.

Computer Simulation Theory in the Modern Age

If scientists could send signals to a living brain in a weight, stimulating all the senses, would we be able to convince the brain that it is in a human body and experiencing reality? Maybe we can reprogram our realities at the neural level. Imagine being able to fly anywhere, drive a fancy car, and live a successful life forever. Your happiness, achievements, and success level will be limited only by your ability to visualize them. Some neuroscientists, including Professor Anil Kumar Seth, suggest that our brains constantly hallucinate reality.

To quote, have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you thought you were disoriented even after waking up? For example, I once found myself in the Terminator Salvation movie, and after waking up after breaking my dream, I started running out of the house. Well, our nightmares and our perception of reality are processed in the visual cortex of our brain. This is why it can be difficult to tell the difference between them.

Many scientific theories in the modern era prove that our world is a computer simulation and we are not all biological objects but a simulated program. One of the most well-known theories is the “Simulation Argument” put forward in 2003 by philosopher Nick Bostrom. According to his proposal, humanity may be part of a computer simulation created by a more advanced civilization. Additionally, Stephen Hawking also believed the simulation theory to be true. Let us know this in more detail –

Subjective and Objective reality

How do you observe an object? You keep it by looking at them or using any of your senses; this is your subjective reality, which is the personal reality in which the subject is you observing an object or things. Similarly, objective reality is the object that you are following.

For example, suppose I go outside the house and feel cold outside, and I go out and think there is heat outside. In that case, the subjective reality here is that two different minds or people can see the same object in many ways. The objective reality here is that the outside fact will be either cold or hot. So, both prove our observations without observing objective reality, which is an apparent contradiction. In the same way, does an object exist even when you are not looking at it, for example, your computer or phone or the device on which you are reading this article? You already know that the device is made of atoms at the microscopic level. But you can’t see those atoms unless you use a microscope tool for its observation.

You must have only seen some things in the game; that is when we want to see them; then, can it not be true? Tue humans also see an object only when we see or touch it. Thomas Young Has also proved this in his double-slit experiment.

Friends, whenever we observe any object or thing, our sense organ sends an electric signal to our brain, based on which the brain makes us feel that object is in a certain way. To form our perspective about the world, our brain uses our senses. So our brain has so much potential that it can show us reality in any way, just like our dreams. When we dream, we feel everything is there; we only know about the objective reality when we wake up.

Till now, we have learned how subjective and objective reality can raise the question of whether or not an object is present; now let us know some principles which prove the simulation theory to be true –

Wave-particle duality

If we delve deeper into the quantum realm, we find that matter comprises subatomic particles, including protons, neutrons, and electrons, that remain in a wave state until they are observed. That is, not being seen. In fact, at the quantum level, they do not look like particles at all. Instead, you can think of these as a cloud of possibilities. This concept is known as superposition, meaning that a particle exists in many possible positions until it is measured.

Fermi paradox

According to the Fermi paradox, why don’t we see any other signs of life when we look far into the universe? Are we alone in the universe, or are we not entirely trying to find life on other planets? Is no civilization in this vast universe so developed that it can find and reach us?

Anthropic principle

Friends, have you ever wondered why the Earth is such a great place for life? Of course, the Anthropic Principle says why everything on Earth is so accurate. But, whether it’s the distance from the sun or the atmosphere here or gravity, have they been made so?

String theory

String theory makes it easier to understand the time before the Big Bang. In addition, its study showed that computer codes exist in the universe, almost proving that the universe is a computer simulation.

Shortcomings in Simulation Theory

No matter how perfect the simulation is, there are some shortcomings in it, such as

Deja Vu

“Deja Vu” means a situation when you feel like you have been to this place or have seen someone, while you have never been to that place before and have never seen that person back.

Supernatural things or our dreams

Another example is magical objects or our dream magical objects, such as ghosts or spirits that may appear due to a malfunction or bug in the simulation program.

“God,” a programmer

According to simulation theory, God can be a programmer who created this universe, but simulation theory also asks why God would do this. Maybe God or a programmer wants to see how civilization develops. According to the simulation theory, whoever comes to know about the existence of life in the simulation, God, the programmer, deletes it from the program, for example, all those sages who sacrifice their bodies while doing penance or All those scientists and people who die mysteriously. According to the simulation theory, if our world is a computer simulation, it can also happen that those who created our world, maybe their world, also simulated it. It is not possible to say how far this sequence is.


Humanity has become so capable that by now, it can make any simulation with the help of computer codes and mathematical equations and all sorts of creatures in the simulation. Still, we do not do such programming in these creatures. However, they may have the ability to understand themselves. Therefore, to prove every theory in science, it has to be written in a mathematical equation because the whole universe can be understood only by numbers and equations.

We have also come close to understanding the complexities of reality, but even after so much progress in physics and neuroscience, we have not been able to know for sure what is real. Maybe we will someday crack the code of the matrix we live in, but what, will we be trapped in a matrix above this or meet a more advanced civilization that makes up this matrix? Let us comment. Do tell me.

Many scientific theories in the modern era prove that this universe is a computer simulation. Still, there is no mathematical equation that can prove it mathematically. Just as it is difficult to say that this universe is not a computer simulation, it is also difficult to say that this universe is a computer simulation, so friends, if someday a scientist can prove the simulation theory by a mathematical equation, hopefully, this game of our life will be the game that we can win.

If you want to know more about simulation theory, then you can read the research papers of this article, whose link will be found below; in addition, you must watch movies based on simulation theory, such as The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor, and The Inception.

Watch the video on computer simulation theory.

The video language is Hindi with English subtitles

A documentary on Simulation Theory

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