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Modern Warfare

Dark Matters



Artistic depiction of Operation Snow White featuring Scientology building and Hubbard.

Operation Snow White: When Scientologists infiltrated the US Government

Operation Snow White a Story of espionage planned and executed by the Church of Scientology to infiltrate the US government and destroy records.
Artistic illustration of the Operation Paperclip showing the officials of Project Paperclip

Operation Paperclip: Nazis Who Built Modern America

Operation Paperclip: Nazi scientists who helped Hitler kill millions of innocent civilians also helped to build modern America.
Donald Ewen Cameron's illustration depicting Operation Brainwash

Operation Brainwash: Story of a Psychiatrist and His Unethical Medical Experiments

Story of a psychiatrist who was trying to control the minds of patients with unethical medical experiments with the help of the CIA which raised serious ethical concerns.
A Suicide Song or a Myth Article's Thumbnail with Rezső Seress

Gloomy Sunday: A Suicide Song or a Myth

The fascinating story of Gloomy Sunday, a Song that many believe made many people take their own lives. Is it really a Suicide Song or a myth, find out.
Illustration of Mary Mallon's life.

Typhoid Mary: A Victim or A Killer

Story of Mary Mallon who unwittingly spread typhoid fever, causing deaths. Was she a victim or a killer? Explore the complexities in this fascinating article.
Paul Dirac standing in front of the blackboard

Paul Dirac: The Engineer Who Turned Physicist

Do you know Paul Dirac, an engineer who turned physicist, his works revolutionized our understanding of the fundamental forces governing the universe.
Adolf Bastian portrait

Adolf Bastian: The Trailblazer of Ethnology

Life, works, and enduring legacy of Adolf Bastian who stands as great figure in the field of anthropology and ethnology.
Painting of Piltdown Members

Piltdown Man Mystery: Missing Link Between Humans and Apes or Fraud

The interesting story of Piltdown Man mystery which created controversy and embarrassment and was also seen as a matter of shame and fraud.
Nina Kulagina demonstrates psychokinesis on a ping pong ball.

Nina Kulagina: Woman With Ability to Move Objects Using Mind

Nina Kulagina and her fascinating world of psychic phenomena that forced the US and the Soviets to experiment the Psychic warfare.
Lady Justice Holding the Scales of Justice

Judicial Systems: A Comparative Analysis

Some of the most prominent judicial systems in the world, judge system, jury system, assessor system, elected judge system, and the judicial retention elections.
Artistic illustration of the Lost Cosmonauts

The Mystery of the Lost Cosmonauts in Outer Space

Explore the mystery surrounding the Lost Cosmonauts who went on space missions but reportedly never returned to Earth, giving rise to a conspiracy theory.
Marie Ganz after Assassination Attempt of John D. Rockefeller Jr,1914

Marie Ganz: The Woman Who Threatened Rockefeller

The story of Marie Ganz, an Iron Lady, a staunch anarchist activist who was she and how and why she Threatened to kill Rockefeller.


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