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Modern Warfare

Dark Matters



Marie Ganz after Assassination Attempt of John D. Rockefeller Jr,1914

Marie Ganz: The Woman Who Threatened Rockefeller

The story of Marie Ganz, an Iron Lady, a staunch anarchist activist who was she and how and why she Threatened to kill Rockefeller.
A Military Scientist Operating a Laser in a Test Environment. | Credit: United States Air Force.

Directed Energy Weapons: Evolving Technology of the Modern Warfare

Laser weapons once thought to be science fiction now becoming true. Learn what Directed energy weapons are and the potential they hold for the future of warfare and defense.
Ivanov's Human Ape Hybrid Experiment

Human-Ape Hybrid: Ivanov’s Controversial Pursuit of Scientific Boundaries

Human-Ape Hybrid Experiment a controversial experiment that sought to merge human and ape traits. In this article, learn Ivanov's scientific odyssey.
Illustration of Guerrilla Warfare

Guerrilla Warfare: The Unconventional Method of War

In this article learn, what is Guerrilla Warfare, its Origin, Strategies and Objectives, and Some of the well-known Guerilla Wars in History.
Two black holes colliding with each other creating Gravitational Waves, an artistic illustration.

Gravitational Waves: Ripples in the Fabric of Spacetime

In this article learn what are gravitational waves, how they are detected, the origin of this theory, and the cosmic events that generate gravitational waves.
Image 1: Artistic illustration of the Quantum Microphones to detect sound particles and waves. | Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology: Emerging Field of Physics and Engineering

In this article, learn what is quantum technology, its key components, applications and how it is the emerging field of physics and engineering.
Thomas Jefferson Potrait

Thomas Jefferson: Architect of American Democracy

Life of Thomas Jefferson the third President of the United States, his achievements, and his enduring contributions to American democracy.
Artistic Illustration of Mind Control Using Electromagnetic Radiation, Read Article for more information.

Psychotronic Torture: Mind Control Using Electromagnetic Radiation

Implanting sounds and ideas into people's minds, and using them as a Psychotronic weapon to kill and do the actions the controller wants. Learn what Psychotronic Torture is.
Artistic illustration Representing Honey Trap.

The Evolution of Honey Trap From Ancient Times to the Digital...

The evolution of honey trap from ancient times to the digital era and how it has affected both individuals and nations. What precautions one can take to protect oneself?
Tiny Invisibility Cloak Made Using Metamaterials

Metamaterials and the Science of Invisibility

Explore what are metamaterials, its properties, and applications, including the science of invisibility.
Image 1: A hacker collecting information through Joker malware. Illustration of Joker malware.

Joker Malware: The Hidden Threat to Mobile Devices

In this article learn what is this Joker malware, its Genesis, its capabilities, and the steps you can take to protect your mobile device.
Illustration of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology: The Technology of The Future

Learn the complexities of blockchain in simple words and also explore its core principles, diverse applications, benefits, drawbacks, and how it will play a great role in shaping the coming future.


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