Artistic illustration of weather warfare
Image 1: An army intelligence officer making rain by creating clouds and thunderstorms. | Artistic illustration of weather warfare.

As the world becoming aware of the environment’s brittleness, more diversified and complex ways have been devised to modify it as a weapon of warfare: the most well-known example being the employment of herbicides and defoliants in Southeast Asia. Now, a new class of weapons for altering the environment is on the horizon: weather and climate modification methods, the development of which may convert the world’s climate and weather systems into weapons of war.

In many ways, military Weather Modification Technology and weather control programs are similar. Techniques for removing warm and super-cooled fog, changing cloud cover, increasing precipitation (rain or snow), manipulating lightning, and dealing with hurricanes and other severe storms have all received attention. The impact of injecting pollutants into the atmosphere, spreading lampblack on ice, and depleting ozone has been calculated. The US Department of Defense’s advanced research projects agency has performed a worldwide climate study and predicted the implications of climate change.

In this article, we have discussed in-depth Weather Modification Technology in Warfare, and how this method of warfare can be used to destroy any country economically, Tactically, Strategically, and Covertly.

What is Weather Warfare?

Weather warfare is the use of weather modification, and geoengineering techniques to purposefully alter the weather to inflict as much damage as possible so that the enemy cannot fight the war due to bad weather. The most common form of weather warfare technique is cloud seeding, which is used to increases rain or snow.

Weather modification can be used in warfare because it serves as a tactical weapon, a strategic weapon, or a covert way of weakening the well-being of an enemy state.

Tactically, it can be used as follows:

  • As an immediate weapon
  • In aid of an assault
  • In conjunction with other weapons
  • For broad battle defence of one’s own forces and infrastructure.

Strategically it can be used to strike an enemy at the source of his military. This will make enemies economically and politically weak.

Covertly it can damage the enemy’s ecosystem, destroy agriculture, and disable communications networks.

History of Weather Warfare

Operation Popeye was a highly classified US military operation that ran from 1967 until 1972. The goal was to extend the Monsoon season in Southeast Asia. The torrential rain successfully hampered the Vietnamese army’s tactical logistics. The first effective use of weather manipulation technology in combat is said to have occurred during Operation Popeye. The Environmental Manipulation Convention prohibited the use of weather modification in combat when it was revealed (ENMOD).

Air Force Major Barry B. Coble briefly chronicles the existence of weather modification technology in “Benign Weather Modification,” released in March 1997, where he traces the advancements that have happened, most notably in the hands of the Pentagon and CIA’s staunchest ideological adversaries.

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In 1948, the meteorological community acknowledged the first scientifically managed and monitored endeavor as constituting weather manipulation. Dr. Irving Langmuir’s initial experiments with intentionally seeding clouds to generate rain yielded good results, creating great interest in the area almost instantly.

In the 1990s, US Air Force Chief of Staff Ronald R. Fogleman issued an order to evaluate the ideas, capabilities, and technology that the United States would need to be the dominant air and space force in the future.

A 1996 research report published for the United States Air Force speculates on the future usage of nanotechnology to create “artificial weather,” clouds of microscopic computer particles all interacting with each other to generate an “intelligent fog” that might be utilized for a variety of reasons. “There are currently no artificial weather technologies. However, as they progress, the significance of their prospective applications grows fast.” Weather modification technology is defined as “a force multiplier with immense capacity that may be utilized throughout the whole range of war-fighting conditions” in an unclassified academic paper produced by air force officer-cadet students.

Weather manipulation is practiced in several countries across the world. The Russians have long been fascinated by weather modification as a means of controlling hail. China also uses cloud seeding to bring rain.

Weather Modification Technology that could be used in Weather Warfare

According to conspiracy theorists, weather modification, geoengineering, chemtrail, and High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program – HAARP and other ideas are not scientific infrastructures or research but the modern military weapons that could be used in Weather Warfare to strike down the enemy.


Rainmaking or weather control can be as effective as the atomic bomb in warfare. Langmuir remarked that the effect of 30 milligrams of silver iodide under ideal conditions equals that of one atomic bomb in terms of energy liberated. Dr. Irving Langmuir, a pioneer in “rainmaking,” said that the government should grab the phenomena of weather control in the same way that it did atomic energy when Albert Einstein warned the late President Roosevelt in 1939 of the potential power of an atom-splitting weapon.


This Article was Published On: 23 July, 2021 And Last Modified On: 21 September, 2021

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