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Physics: articles on the topic of nature and properties of matter and energy. study of mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism and the structure of atoms.
Electric Charges In Hindi

Electric charges definition, and meaning

Electric charges definition, and meaning explained and also know about Like and unlike charges i.e. attraction and repulsion between positive and negative charges.
A Rocket Launch, continuously accelerated by its exhaust.

Escape Velocity: Survive the Gravitational Effects of a Massive Body

What is Escape velocity (palaayan veg)? | In this article, we have explained the Definition of escape velocity and the Escape velocity formula.

Muons: Unstable Subatomic Particle

Muon (represented by the Greek letter mu (μ)) is an elementary particle similar to electron, with an electric charge of -1e i.e. electric charge...
Newcomb's Paradox

Newcomb’s Paradox: Aims to be able to predict the future

What is Newcomb's paradox in philosophy and mathematics? In this article, we have described in simple and detail about Newcomb's paradox i.e. Newcomb's irony or contradiction?
Many Worlds Interpretations

What is Many-Worlds Interpretation?

What is Many Worlds Interpretation? Many-World Interpretation or Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) Know in detail an explanation of quantum mechanics.
Lattice analogy of spacetime distortion caused by planetary mass.

Spacetime: A Mathematical Model that Combines Dimensions of Space and Time

What is Spacetime in Physics? Mathematical model, detailed description of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, etc.
Fermi Paradox In Hindi

Fermi Paradox: Existence of Extraterrestrial Civilizations

What is the Fermi paradox? Know Its importance in science and its history. What is it related to Enrico Fermi and extraterrestrial intelligence.
Time Travel Paradox In Hindi

Time Travel Paradox: A logical Contradiction of Time Travel

What is a Time Travel Paradox?. The time travel paradox, called time travel paradox, is a clear contradiction, or a logical contradiction.
Grandfather Paradox In Hindi

Grandfather Paradox: Travelling Back in Time is almost Impossible

Know what is grandfather paradox? Its history and meaning in modern physics. Is Grandfather paradox possible?
Time Travel In Hindi

Is it possible to time travel?

Is it possible to time travel?. Learn in this article about Time travel, time travel according to Mahabharata, Buddhist, Jewish. And more...