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Earth sciences: articles on the topic of the solid Earth and the geologic, hydrologic, and atmospheric sciences with the broad aim of understanding Earth’s present features and past evolution.

heliocentric model

Through Centuries Great Astronomers Claimed How the Earth Rotates From

Copernicus was not the first who claimed that the Earth rotates around the Sun. Know how great astronomers and mathematicians through centuries predicted and explained, how Earth Moves Around The Sun.
An Artistic Illustration, Farmers spraying artificial chemicals and pesticides in rice fields

Artificial Chemicals and Pollutants in the Environment have Exceeded the Planet’s...

A new study reveals that rapidly increasing artificial chemicals and pollutants in the environment have exceeded the planet's safe limits and are posing a serious threat to the Earth and humanity.
an airplane and unmanned ship generating clouds that will reflect sunlight away from the earth

Geoengineering: Prevention from Climate Change or Unknown Climate Risk

Geoengineering is an intentional intervention in the Earth's natural processes to prevent the effects of climate change. But is it Prevention from Climate Change or Unknown Climate Risk?
Ham Apne Grah Ki Behtar Seva Kar Sakte Hain

Can We Serve Our Planet Better?

"Can we serve our planet better?" "Yes!" By adopting sustainable, and Natural practices and making conscious choices.
Water Scarcity

Lack of Clean Water is a Serious Problem

The lack of clean water is a serious problem for mankind, and it has far-reaching consequences that affect our health, economy, and environment.
Climate change illustration with sun, nature, and emotions.

Exploring The Climate Change And The Common Theories

People still deny the reality of climate change and claim many theories. In this article, we will explore the most common theories surrounding climate change.


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