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People: Biographies and about the great Scientists, Science fiction authors, and the people in science and technology.

Illustration of Mary Mallon's life.

Typhoid Mary: A Victim or A Killer

Story of Mary Mallon who unwittingly spread typhoid fever, causing deaths. Was she a victim or a killer? Explore the complexities in this fascinating article.
Paul Dirac standing in front of the blackboard

Paul Dirac: The Engineer Who Turned Physicist

Do you know Paul Dirac, an engineer who turned physicist, his works revolutionized our understanding of the fundamental forces governing the universe.
Adolf Bastian portrait

Adolf Bastian: The Trailblazer of Ethnology

Life, works, and enduring legacy of Adolf Bastian who stands as great figure in the field of anthropology and ethnology.
Nina Kulagina demonstrates psychokinesis on a ping pong ball.

Nina Kulagina: Woman With Ability to Move Objects Using Mind

Nina Kulagina and her fascinating world of psychic phenomena that forced the US and the Soviets to experiment the Psychic warfare.
Marie Ganz after Assassination Attempt of John D. Rockefeller Jr,1914

Marie Ganz: The Woman Who Threatened Rockefeller

The story of Marie Ganz, an Iron Lady, a staunch anarchist activist who was she and how and why she Threatened to kill Rockefeller.
Thomas Jefferson Potrait

Thomas Jefferson: Architect of American Democracy

Life of Thomas Jefferson the third President of the United States, his achievements, and his enduring contributions to American democracy.
Artistic illustration of Nikola Tesla.

The Most Fascinating Photos of an Inventor and a Scientist

Most Fascinating Pictures of an Inventor and a Scientist who was a Pioneer in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, as well as a great Futurist.
Painting of Franklin by David Martin, wearing a blue suit with elaborate gold braid and buttons.

Benjamin Franklin: A Brilliant Inventor, Statesman, and Scientist

Know how Benjamin Franklin was a multi-talented American inventor, civic activist, statesman, soldier, and diplomat. He was also one of the most important Founding Fathers of the United States.
Artistic Illustration of Shri C.V. Raman Holding a Cube

Shri C.V. Raman: Indian Physicist Behind the Field of Light Scattering

Shri C.V. Raman: The Indian physicist behind the field of light scattering. C.V. Raman was the first person from Asia to be awarded the Nobel Prize. Know more about his life in this article.
police investigation of strange disappearance of indian nuclear scientists

The Strange Disappearance of India’s Nuclear Scientists

In this article, we have discussed how Indian nuclear scientists strangely disappeared one by one, all of them were linked by a common thread "nuclear energy" in some way nuclear weapons.
Artistic illustration of Revolutionary Nuclear Scientist Homi Bhabha's plane crash

Homi Bhabha’s Death: An Unfortunate Accident or the Hands of the...

Strangely, Bhabha died just 13 days after Lal Bahadur Shastri died, Why? Was it an unfortunate death or a conspiracy? do they both were killed because they both wanted to make India a Nuclear Power Nation?
On the left, prof. udupi ramachandra rao and on the right, isro space rocket

Udupi Ramachandra Rao: Space Scientist Biography

Space Scientist Udupi Ramachandra Rao's biography, an internationally renowned space scientist who made great contributions to the development of space technology in India.


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