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Society is the formation of science and society in the modern state. How public opinion, ideologies, personalities, social movements, and trends outside of the formal institutions of political power affect formal politics of science and society.

Artistic illustration of Brain in a Vat

Brain in a Vat: Brain Connected with a Computer and the...

Brain Connected with a Computer and the Computer Simulating the Fake Reality, the computer might build a whole imaginary environment that would appear entirely natural and real to the trapped brain.
Artistic Illustration of Virtual Reality in Metaverse

Metaverse: 3D Virtual Environment of The Internet

Metaverse will provide you with a hyper-real alternate universe in which you can exist real and virtual reality at the same time. However, it has its own set of drawbacks and advantages, Learn more...
Image 1: An artistic illustration of a human in a Complex Computer Simulation. | Unrevealed Files

Existence: Is Your Reality a Complex Computer Simulation?

Know the answers to all these questions with a scientific approach and quotes. Why do some physicists believe that physical matter is not real? What scientific experiments have changed our view of reality? Is everything we see just a computer simulation, not reality?
Artistic illustration of Dark and Conspiracy sides of Coronavirus Pandemic

Dark and Conspiracy sides of Coronavirus(COVID-19) Pandemic

In this article, we have discussed Dark and Conspiracy sides of Coronavirus(COVID-19) Pandemic. Most of the conspiracy theories spread as quickly as the deadly disease.
People Paying Condolence With Flowers In Front Of The Late Dr. Li Wenliang Photo.

Whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang’s Tragic case

Dr. Li Wenliang, the doctor who gave earlier warnings of the pandemic, was silenced by the authorities. Whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang's Tragic case.
That Dreadful Smog Of London

Remembering the Deadly Great Smog of London

A severe environmental disaster and a period of prolonged air pollution swallowed up the city, causing widespread illness and death.