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Cosmos – Space and Astronomy: articles on the topic of space, the universe, Scientific concepts, astronomy and much more.

Artistic illustration of the Voyager Spacecraft

Voyagers Spacecraft in the Infinite Universe

How a scientific program launched with two robotic probes, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, to study the outer solar system. Learn more
Kya Brahmand Physics Ke Niyamon Se Chalta Hai

Do the Laws of Physics govern the Universe?

In this article, explore and examine what we mean by "governing" the universe, and how the laws of physics play a role in our understanding of the natural world.
Space Tourism Starship Firing Its Engines While Passing By The Moon

Space Tourism: The Next Billion-Dollar Business

Space tourism: The next billion-dollar business - What is space tourism?, Who can affect space tourism., Types of space tourism.
An artistic illustration of Dwarf Planet shows NASA's Dawn spacecraft arriving at the dwarf planet Ceres.

Dwarf planet: Unknown Planetary-Mass Objects in Space

Do you know, What is a Dwarf Planet? Its History and Discovery, Why it is neither considered a complete planet nor a natural satellite.
Three Supermassive Black Holes Orbiting Each Other

Three Supermassive Black Hole orbiting each other

Astronomers have observed three Supermassive Black Hole (SBS) at the center of three colliding galaxies one billion light-years away from Earth.
An artistic illustration of a supermassive black hole. © Unrevealed Files

Blackhole: An Area in Space-Time that Swallows up Everything

Scientists now know what a black hole looks like, Learn more in this article what are black holes? What are the types of black holes? and more facts about black holes.
Artistic illustration of brain in universe

Boltzmann Brains: Complete with a Memory of having Existed in our...

Completely formed brain that emerges from exceedingly uncommon random fluctuations out of thermodynamic equilibrium, complete with memories of fully human life in our universe. Learn more
black hole wandering through the milky way

A Black Hole Has Been Discovered Wandering Through The Milky Way

An international team of scientists has determined that a probable microlensing event observed in 2011 was caused by the presence of a Black Hole discovered wandering through the milky way.
Artistic Illustration To Represent Olbers' Paradox

Olbers’ Paradox: The Dark Night Sky Paradox

If the cosmos is infinite and uniformly filled with bright stars then "why the sky is so dark at night". Learn more about this cosmological puzzle Olber's Paradox.
Two black holes colliding with each other creating Gravitational Waves, an artistic illustration.

Gravitational Waves: Ripples in the Fabric of Spacetime

In this article learn what are gravitational waves, how they are detected, the origin of this theory, and the cosmic events that generate gravitational waves.


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