Artistic Big Bang | Big Bang is a Theory, It is a cosmological model of the observable universe.
Image 1: Artistic Big Bang | Big Bang is a Theory, It is a cosmological model of the observable universe from the earliest known periods through its subsequent large-scale evolution.

The human race has always been applying its full strength to know the universe completely. Where we solve some questions, some problems get entangled. Below are some of the mysteries of the universe, whose answers we have not yet known.

1What happened before the big bang?

The first mystery is: What happened before the Big Bang? The Big bang has many principles, some theories state that there may have been the only time before the Big Bang and that it was infinite. Some think that before the Big Bang, the universe did not exist. Some others also think that our universe may be a part of a parallel universe. We still do not know what was going on before that huge explosion.

2Are we alone in the universe?

The second mystery is: Are we alone in the universe? Our ‘MILKEY WAY’ galaxy has more than 100 thousand million stars alone and more than 100 billion galaxies. But are we the same? What kind of atmosphere is there in other planets of the universe? And what kind of life do they live? And if we are alone, then it seems like a terrible waste of space.

3Do you think the universe is governed by laws?

The third mystery is: Do you think the universe is governed by Physics laws? Like Relativity defines one of the basic forces of interaction, the law of gravity, the standard model. According to mathematical symmetry, like the law of quantum mechanics, particles have fundamental forces that explain behavior and interactions. It can be the principle of everything. We naturally think that the laws of physics determine events but what if the perpetrators are deciding the law? Is time the only great architect of this universe? who knows.

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4What secret is hidden deep inside the earth?

The fourth mystery is: What secret is hidden deep inside the earth? The maximum depth we have been able to reach was 12 KM in Kola, Russia. Earth’s most mysterious place at a depth of 6370 KM. And the inner core of the Earth still surprises scientists how it can generate and handle so much energy.

5How did life appear?

Fifth mystery: How did life appear? It has two main principles –

Abiogenesis –

Abiogenesis means that some of Earth’s primary soups may have created life.

Panspermia –

Panspermia means that life would have been created by asteroids that come to Earth from space.

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6Who was the first man?

The sixth mystery is: Who was the first man? We do not have more information about its origin. But got some clues from history. But there are still many gaps in our history, and we still do not know where we have come or what our origin is.

7Time or nutrition?

It is the seventh mystery: Time or nutrition? Have you ever wondered how some animals can stand at birth? When they fall ill, they eat plants suitable for treatment. They can also build elaborate nests. When they are in danger, they develop collective strategies. How does all this happen?

8What is the power of the mind on the body?

The eighth mystery is: What is the power of the mind over the body? It is proven that meditation can heal various diseases in our bodies. It is often said that we use only 10% of our brain. So what will the remaining 90% allow us to do? We do not know this, and what if we can use 90% of our brain.

9What is consciousness?

The ninth mystery is: what is consciousness? As Descartes said, “I think, so I am”. But is consciousness enough to explain? Human beings are capable of taking a subjective and internal look at the world and themselves.

10How did the language originate?

The tenth secret is: How did language appear? We regularly discover new complex systems of communication between other species. But apart from language, what makes humans special? Without knowledge, there will be no debate of ideas, no creation. So has our intelligence allowed us to speak? Or is it our ability to speak that progressively gave us our intelligence?


Some of us think that we are at the peak of development, but we are still at the beginning, where there is a lot to learn. Modern human development is characterized by many morphological, developmental, physiological, and behavioral changes from the last common ancestor of humans. Therefore, humans will always keep searching for these questions. He will surely get answers to them one day. Thus, these unresolved mysteries of the universe will always keep us curious.

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