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People: Biographies and about the great Scientists, Science fiction authors, and the people in science and technology.

Freeman Dyson at the Institute for Advanced Study, in 2007.

Freeman John Dyson: Theoretical and Mathematical Physicist

Who was Freeman Dyson? Find out why he is known for his contributions to quantum electrodynamics, physics, astronomy and nuclear engineering.
hg wells during his own lifetime

H.G. Wells: Father of Science Fiction

Herbert George Wells, Why he is called the father of science fiction and Shakespeare of science fiction? Know in this article of his biography.
Joseph Henry In office, 1st Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

Joseph Henry: Who led the Creation of Electromagnets

Joseph Henry Who led to the creation of electromagnets, the discovery of self-inductance, and the mutual inductance of Michael Faraday.
Thomas Young Biography

Thomas Young a British polymath and physician

Thomas Young Biography, a British polymath and physician, better known as "The Last Man Who Knew Everything". Learn more about him.
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb (1736-1806), When he was Lieutenant General of Engineers | Portrait by Louis Hierle in 1894.

Charles Augustin de Coulomb: French military Engineer and Physicist

Read the full biography of Charles Augustin de Coulomb, a French physicist known for discoveries such as Coulomb's Law, electrostatic force of attraction, and repulsion.
Biography Of Andre Marie Ampere In Hindi

Andre Marie Ampere: French Physicist and Mathematician

Biography of Andre-Marie Ampere, credited with the discovery of Electromagnetism, SI unit of electric current is named after him.
Jocelyn Bell Burnell The Lady Who Discovered Pulsars

Jocelyn Bell Burnell: Who Discovered Pulsars

An astrophysicist and a research assistant Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Who Discovered Pulsars know about her awards and honors.
Biography Of Carl Edward Sagan

Carl Sagan: We are star stuff which has taken its destiny...

Biography of a great physics scientist, which every person should read and learn everything from their life.
Gustav Robert kirchhoff in hindi

Gustav Kirchhoff: One who coined the term Black-Body Radiation

Gustav Kirchhoff contributed to explaining electrical circuits, spectroscopy, and the emission of black body radiation by hot objects.
Hg Wells on the set of Shape Of Things To Come

HG Wells: Written Imaginations Became True Events

HG Wells, whose written imaginations became true events. The scenes depicted in the Wells film The Shape of Things to Come actually came true in World War II.
Carl Sagan Ke Quotes

Carl Sagan’s Quotes on Nature, Earth, and Future

We have been on the banks of the cosmic ocean for a long time. We are ready to set sail for the stars. Here are Carl Sagan's quotes that will always inspire humanity and science.
Cropped Biography Of Alessandro Volta In Hindi.jpg

Alessandro Volta: Pioneer of Electricity and Power

Biography of Alessandro Volta. Physicist and chemist who is credited as inventing the electrical battery and the finder of methane.


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