Kya Brahmand Physics Ke Niyamon Se Chalta Hai

There are a large number of “principles of physics” that have surprised scientists for decades. One of them is “Is the universe governed by the laws of physics?”
Such as the laws of relativity i.e., laws of relativity, which influence according to mathematical symmetry, defining one of the fundamental forces of the standard model of gravity, laws of quantum mechanics, strong fundamental forces of particles that explain behavior and effects, Or maybe the principle of everything.

Laws of physics

We naturally think that the laws of physics determine all the phenomena of the universe, but what if the events determine the laws of physics?
Many people must be thinking that the universe is somehow based on mathematics. But according to us, mathematics is something that has been developed by humans, humans who are only part of the universe. In that case, mathematics is also part of the universe. It is not external to the universe that guides the universe.

But the variation in possible mathematical systems seems endless. Because of this, it should not be surprising that many things in nature can be well approximated by one or more systems of mathematics. It is using mathematics as a reference to the universe in particular parts of the universe. The mathematics is as follows. It does not lead.

According to Sanskrit words

According to Sanskrit words, the Sanskrit alphabet comes from a deep understanding of creation, as this language was not meant to be colloquial. It is not only a language created by us for colloquialism. People have extracted this language from their existence itself, the development of this language happened after seeing the universe and not by imagining it. In many ways, the sounds you pronounce, and the shapes you use these sounds to refer to, are connected. Therefore, the mantras in Sanskrit also have the same meaning, a pure sound. Now, what is it related to physics? Let’s know

According to the principle of sounds in physics, if you put a sound in the oscilloscope, then this instrument will show you a special shape every time according to the frequency, amplitude, and other parameters of that voice. So a form is associated with a sound, similarly, a sound is associated with a form. On the basis of this, we can say that with every sound in the universe there will be some form of the object. If we can guess that object by searching these sounds, waves, or vibrations, then laws of physics are being used here.

Areas of Physics

The fields of physics, which were best developed, were relatively simple in the sense that mathematics could be adapted by predicting what would happen. There are still a lot of things in the physical universe that are not well modeled with mathematics. This is because we have not yet discovered or invented the correct mathematics that can answer the above questions. Like, are we living in a simulated universe? And why do we dream?

What does physics says

Physical laws, or scientific laws, is a theoretical statement, taken from a particular fact, applied to a defined group or class of phenomena, and expressed by the statement that a particular event always occurs If some conditions exist. “Physical laws are usually based on conclusions. On repeated scientific experiments and observations over many years, and which are universally accepted within the scientific community.
As we know our scientists are constantly trying to develop more and more advanced science so that they can find answers to these questions.
In conclusion, what if one day we know the answer?


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