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Technology: the application of scientific knowledge, advances in computer, machinery and equipment, and the engineering or applied sciences.

Illustration of Hyper-Automation

Hyper-Automation: Concept of Automating Everything in an Organization

The next level beyond regular automation is called hyper-automation. In this article learn what is hyper-automation. Different technologies, devices or platforms, its advantages and disadvantages in this article.
Artistic illustration of weather warfare

Weather Warfare: Weather Modification Technology in Warfare

The Hazardous Nature of the Environment has attracted it to be modified as a weapon of war. Know how it can be used in Weather Warfare.
Tiny Invisibility Cloak Made Using Metamaterials

Metamaterials and the Science of Invisibility

Explore what are metamaterials, its properties, and applications, including the science of invisibility.
Artistic Illustration of Hyperreality

Hyperreality: The Fusion of Physical and Virtual Worlds

We are living in a world where our experiences are mediated by technology, where simulations and representations are taking over the real. Learn more about the concept of hyperreality.
Application of Nanotech Showing A Nano Spider Bots Repairing Damaged Neurons

Applications of Nanotechnology: Future Nanoscale Technology

In this article, we have revealed all the possible Applications of Nanotechnology, better known as Future Nanoscale Technology. Learn More
Illustration of Neuralink

Neuralink: Developing Implantable Brain-Machine Interfaces

In this article learn about developing implantable brain-machine interfaces known as Neuralink, a neurotechnology business that develops implantable brain-machine interfaces (BMIs).
Artistic illustration of Remote Access Trojan

RAT: Control of a Machine Over a Remote Network Connection

Remote Access Trojans can Control a Machine Over a Remote Network Connection and collect massive amounts of data from infected machines. Learn more about how to be safe.
Illustration of the Internet of Bodies

The Internet of Bodies: Transforming Lives or Crossing Ethics?

In this article, we will delve deeper into the Internet of Bodies, its applications, benefits, and potential concerns. Is it Transforming Our Lives or Crossing Ethical Boundaries?
Image 1: A hacker collecting information through Joker malware. Illustration of Joker malware.

Joker Malware: The Hidden Threat to Mobile Devices

In this article learn what is this Joker malware, its Genesis, its capabilities, and the steps you can take to protect your mobile device.
artistic illustration of quantum key distribution

Exploring the Science Behind Quantum Key Distribution

Science Behind Quantum Key Distribution. In this article, we will explore the basics of QKD, how it works, and its applications.
Artistic Illustration of Artificial City

Artificial City: The Future of Artificially Intelligence Society

Explore the concept of an Artificial City and its potential implications, benefits, drawbacks, challenges, and The Future of an Artificially Intelligence Society.
Illustration of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology: The Technology of The Future

Learn the complexities of blockchain in simple words and also explore its core principles, diverse applications, benefits, drawbacks, and how it will play a great role in shaping the coming future.


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