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Cropped Biography Of Alessandro Volta In Hindi.jpg

Alessandro Volta (Alessandro Volta), an Italian physicist and chemist credited as an indicator of electrical batteries and a finder of methane. With his inventions Volta proved that electricity could be generated chemically, the recipient of the Volta raised a large amount of scientific enthusiasm and inspired others to conduct similar experiments, developing the field of ultimate electrochemistry Happened.

Alessandro Volta’s early life

Alessandro Volta was born on 18 February 1745 in the city of Como, present-day northern Italy. His father’s name was Filippo Volta and mother’s name was Donna Maddalena.

Education and career

Volta became a professor of Physics at the Royal School of Como in 1774, after completing his early education. 1 year later he improved the popularity of electrophorus. (The electrophorus is a device that produces static electricity.) The promotion of electrophorus was so widespread that Volta is often credited with its invention.

In the years between 1776 and 1778, Alessandro Volta studied the chemistry of gases, researching methane after reading an article by Benjamin Franklin of the United States on “flammable air” and when number 1776 He found methane in Maggiore Lake until 1778 when he managed to separate the methane.

Alessandro Volta developed different methods for studying both electrical potential (V) and charge (Q) known as Volta’s Law of Capacitance. And the SI unit of electrical potential was named after him. In 1779 he became a professor of experimental physics at the University of Pavia where he spent 40 years of his life.

Volta discovered theories such as electrochemical series and electromotive force (emf) by studying Luigi Galvani’s animal electricity and Volta invented the electric battery only on Luigi Galvani’s theory of animal electricity and its electrochemical series, which is why Volta inventor Also known as of the electric battery.

The death

Volta also became a member of the Royal Institute of the Netherlands in 1809. Alessandro Volta ji died on 5 March 1827 after his 82nd birthday. He was a great physical and chemical scientist, many museums and foundations are run in his name. Which will always inspire the world towards science.

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