Artistic Illustration of Creepiest Roads Where you Should Never Go
Image 1: Artistic Illustration of Creepiest Roads Where you Should Never Go

This article has uncovered the 5 Creepiest roads where you should never go or probably don’t want to enter.

5 Creepiest Roads

5Dead man’s curve, Clermont County, Ohio

One of the scariest places in Ohio, in Claremont, Ohio, is an intersection where Route 222 meets State Route 125, known to people as the Dead Man’s Curve. This road curve has always been treacherous, as has a long list of accident victims since its narrowing in 1831. For example, on October 19, 1969, an impala carrying five juveniles was hit by a roadrunner traveling at a speed of over 160 km/h. A survivor of the accident saw a shadowy black figure moving up and down the road near the accident site. Others claim to see a hitchhiker dressed in late sixties clothing with a terrifying, blank, featureless face.

4Stockbridge Bypass, Manchester, UK

The M67 is a short 5-mile 8 km stretch of motorway connecting a line of towns just east of Manchester in the UK. One bridge at the stocks bridge bypass has been the site of many reports of mysterious figures on the road. Some have reported hearing the voices of unseen singing children, while others have spotted kids playing in traffic. Another familiar haunting is a monk who typically stands on the bridge above, looking down on the cars passing below. The figure’s presence has been reported enough that the local police conducted an investigation that proved Inconclusive.

3Route 2A Haynesville, Maine

Route 2A in Haynesville, Maine, is a long, straight road with dense woodlands covering the ground to either side. There have been many stories about truckers being murdered and buried in the woods, although no cases have been proven. However, a famous ghostly figure also haunts the road; a young girl thought to have been hit by one of the many trucks. This story is supported by a record of two 10-year-old girls who were killed in this manner on August 22, 1967. There are stories of drivers stopping to pick up the girl from the roadside, only for her to disappear from the seat.

2Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong

Tuen Mun Road in Hong Kong was not designed to take up modern traffic volumes, resulting in regular jams and wrecks. For example, on July 10, 2003, a swerving lorry collided with an oncoming bus, which smashed through the barriers of the bridge; it plunged into the village of Ting Kau 35 m below, resulting in 21 deaths and a further 20 injuries. Many drivers have also talked of ghosts appearing in the middle of the road while cars suddenly swerve to avoid them. Ten years later, a screw in the road near the crash blew the tires off and nearly flipped 36 buses from the same company.

1Blue Cross Road, Chennai, India

In Chennai, a city in southern India, there is a road named Blue Cross Road that is densely lined with low over-hanging willow trees. This creates a very dark tunnel at night, often used by drug dealers and prostitutes because it’s well hidden. The crime, along with the gangs of bikers and the constant gloom, has given the stretch of road a dangerous reputation. However, there have also been numerous sightings of a white human-shaped figure that haunts the area day and night. The creature is rumored to be the ghost of a man who committed suicide by hanging himself from one of the tall willow trees.

The deep shades of trees that hinder sunshine from reaching the ground complement the dangerous road. This route is one of the most active hotspots for paranormal activity and wandering spirits. If you happen to be walking through this area late at night, you may be greeted by the souls of those who committed suicide here.

Blue Cross Road is also well-referred as Chennai’s suicide hotspot because several suicides have been reported along this walk, making it one of the most haunted sites in Chennai and India.


If we know about the path before traveling or going that way, we plan how to utilize that time properly. But suppose many people are talking negatively about that place. In that case, we should uncover that place, and if we find any mysterious supernatural power or dangerous thing, then make distance and avoid that route. This article covers the 5 Creepiest roads where you should never go or probably don’t want to enter. These places can harm you as they have harmed many. So avoid these places or routes or make them usable according to the instructions.


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