Dr. Thomas Stoltz Harvey With The Brain Of Albert Einstein
Image 1: Dr. Thomas Stoltz Harvey With The Brain Of Albert Einstein

It seems natural that Genius is rooted in the physical structure of genius, so what if we investigate deep inside Albert Einstein‘s brain? Will we be able to unlock the mysteries of Genius or change the ordinary mind to a genius mind? We would be almost unable to answer, but one person believed that it was possible, and he risked and lost everything to prove it.

A man who was not born a genius, but when he found a genius. He stole his mind to learn the secrets of Genius. We are talking about Dr. Thomas Stoltz Harvey, who was a pathologist by profession. Learn how Thomas Harvey stole Albert Einstein’s brain to unreveal the secrets of his genius, for which he had to risk everything.

Superstar of intelligence Albert Einstein

Superstar of intelligence Albert Einstein died at 1:15, on the night of 18 April 1955, and Thomas Harvey was assigned the task of determining the cause of Einstein‘s death, but Harvey had something else on his mind. He wanted to find out the secrets of Einstein’s geniuses. Thus Dr. Harvey made up his mind to research Einstein’s brain and started investigating the brain of the greatest scientist of the twentieth century.

Although Einstein never wanted his body to be scientifically investigated after his death, he only wanted people to remember his contributions and legacy to science and research his discoveries and not his body. But even after this, Harvey took Einstein’s brain without Einstein’s family’s permission and kept it in his lunch box, and brought it home by stealing.

Einstein’s family shocked

Here Einstein’s family was shocked. All government officials and Harvey’s colleagues started demanding Einstein’s brain, but when Harvey vowed that he would only use the brain for scientific research then Einstein’s son allowed Harvey to do so, and thus Harvey became the guardian of Einstein’s brain, now he had to unlock the secrets of Einstein’s brilliant mind.

But Harvey was a pathologist, not a neuroscientist. But even then, Harvey began examining the brain, cutting the brain into small pieces and examining it with a simple microscope. “Similarly, when Soviet Union founder Vladimir Lenin died in 1924, the Russians were desperate to find out what was in Lenin’s brain that made him a Genius. To find out, with Rusi, neuroscientist Oskar Vogt Opened an institute to research Lenin’s brain, and research found that some of the pyramidal neurons in the third layer of the cerebral cortex of his brain were too large for Lenin to be intelligent.” Harvey’s facilities were basic compared to Moscow’s Brain Institute and thus, passed down over the years, but Harvey was unable to keep its promise.

Meanwhile, Harvey’s family and relatives were advising him to not do anything with Einstein’s brain, but Harvey didn’t listen rather he even left his family for his presidency and also left the city of Princeton in 1960, and moved from one city to another and from one job to another, likewise from a marriage to a second marriage then the third. Eventually, Harvey’s medical license was finally dismissed and after that, he started working in a plastics factory. But by now Harvey had not made any progress in understanding the mysteries of Einstein’s mind.

Eventually, Harvey had to accept that he was unable to discover the secrets of the brain, and then finally Harvey sent Einstein’s brain to the neuroscientists in Berkeley where the scientists found more glial cells in Einstein’s brain than normal humans. “Glial cells provide support and nutrition in the brain. Participates in signal transmission and it is an integral part of the brain other than neurons.”

Albert Einstein always said that he solved his problems by imagining them in his mind.

So can we increase our imaginations by having extra glial cells in the brain? Is Glial Cells the secret of Einstein being a Genius? Or maybe not.

Albert Einstein‘s mind finally reached back to Princeton Hospital in 1996, from where Harvey had stolen it, 41 years earlier. Harvey himself also returned to Princeton and this is where Harvey died. Harvey was never able to unlock the secrets of Genius’s mind but if someone does this one day will he prove Harvey right?


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