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Society is the formation of science and society in the modern state. How public opinion, ideologies, personalities, social movements, and trends outside of the formal institutions of political power affect formal politics of science and society.

Illustration of Theory of Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge: Depths of Understanding Or Wisdom

In this article explore what is Theory of Knowledge and its connection to the profound understanding of knowledge and wisdom that comes from studying and reflecting upon it.
What The Bleep Do We Know's Actress Marlee Matlin

What The Bleep Do We Know? Documentary

What the Bleep Do We Know? Documentary. Explore the Depths of Perception and Reality And Also Understand the criticisms surrounding its scientific accuracy.
Examples of Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture: Cultivating a Sustainable Future in the Concrete Jungle

In this article, learn about the various facets of urban agriculture and explore its potential to transform our cities into sustainable and resilient spaces.
Artistic Illustration of Hyperreality

Hyperreality: The Fusion of Physical and Virtual Worlds

We are living in a world where our experiences are mediated by technology, where simulations and representations are taking over the real. Learn more about the concept of hyperreality.
Illustration of The Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds: The Next Frontier in Technology

In this article, we will explore the different aspects of virtual worlds, including their history, technology, and impact on society.
Illustration of the Internet of Bodies

The Internet of Bodies: Transforming Lives or Crossing Ethics?

In this article, we will delve deeper into the Internet of Bodies, its applications, benefits, and potential concerns. Is it Transforming Our Lives or Crossing Ethical Boundaries?
Artistic Illustration of Artificial City

Artificial City: The Future of Artificially Intelligence Society

Explore the concept of an Artificial City and its potential implications, benefits, drawbacks, challenges, and The Future of an Artificially Intelligence Society.
Vote Vapasi Dhan Vapasi Book.

Vote Vapasi Dhan Vapasi: Solution for all Problems in India

With the main objective of providing solutions to India's socio-political challenges, this Vote Vapasi Dhan Vapasi book is a must-read book for all book enthusiasts.
Illustration of Factory Farming

Factory Farming: Intensive Animal Farming in Factories

Learn how it's contaminating the air and water, generating massive amounts of greenhouse emissions that cause climate change, or endangering wild animals, there's plenty of data to show why factory farming should be shut out.
illustration of deja vu

Deja Vu: A Glitch in the Matrix

You've probably had deja vu if you've ever had the experience that a scenario, people, or place feels very familiar even though you know it shouldn't, such as when you're visiting a new city for the first time.
Illustration of Ashoka's Nine Unknown Men

The Nine Unknown Men: Great Ashoka’s Secret Society

Freemasons and Illuminati are probably familiar to you but are you familiar with the Secret Society of Great Ashoka. It is believed that they still exist and the secrets and secrets kept by them have been passed down through generations.
An art of secret societies from the civilization 6 game

Secret Societies: The World’s Most Conspiratorial Secret Societies

Learn about the world's most conspiratorial secret societies in this article. These secret societies have been facing serious allegations of controlling the world in secret, infiltrating our culture, and exerting a mystical influence in our society.