Vote Vapasi Dhan Vapasi Book.
Image 1: Vote Vapasi Dhan Vapasi Book | Credit: Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta and Pawan Kumar Sharma.

“Votevapsi Dhanvapsi” is a thought-provoking book written by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta and Pawan Kumar Sharma, with the main objective of providing solutions to India’s socio-political challenges. The book, published by Notion Press, is now available on both your local stores and online platforms. This series spans a total of 392 pages and is considered one of the best political books available online. It is also an election manifesto of the Right to Recall Party.

The author of the book, Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta, is an IIT graduate who has studied and worked in the USA to gain insights into their administration and political system. He returned to India in April 1999 due to his parents’ ill health, bringing with him the knowledge and understanding of the USA’s administrative success.

The book delves into various aspects of Indian society and politics, offering insights and proposed solutions to issues such as poverty, corruption, communal tensions, weapon manufacturing, and media manipulation.

The main objective of the book is to provide the reader with a proper understanding of his surrounding political world. The information provided in the book can be shocking if not mind-boggling to some readers. The writer however is fully confident in his writing and its ability to inspire a demand for change.

Delving further, the book sheds light on the root causes of corruption in the Indian police and courts and proposes the publishing of specific laws in the Gazette as a potential solution. This incisive analysis offers readers a deeper understanding of the complexities of the legal and law enforcement system in India.

The book also delves into the reasons behind corruption in the police and courts in India and highlights the potential impact of publishing specific laws in the Gazette to combat this issue. This analysis could be eye-opening for readers interested in understanding the complexity of the legal and law enforcement system in India. The book highlights the power of gazette notifications and how publishing certain laws in the Gazette can solve pressing issues like poverty and corruption. It also addresses the problem of corruption in the police and courts in India and suggests laws that can combat this issue when published in the Gazette.

Writers Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta and Pawan Kumar Sharma in their book Votevapsi Dhanvapsi also delve into the reason behind technological and social prosperity in countries like USA and UK. Their findings regarding the impact of the Jury system, Right to Recall, Referendum and Right to bear arms on the advancement of societies are quite informative. This analysis could provide readers with a broader perspective on the role of laws and regulations in fostering technological advancement and economic growth.

For readers interested in defense and strategic affairs, the book delves into how India can achieve self-sufficiency in weapon manufacturing through the publishing of certain laws in the Gazette. The authors also uncover lesser-known facts about the Kargil war and shed light on the Kill Switch in imported weapons, making this topic particularly intriguing for defense enthusiasts.

Taking a critical look at the judicial system in India, the book expresses a firm opinion on the need for a “Completely Accountable Judiciary” and emphasizes the adage “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.” What sets this book apart from other critiques of the Indian judicial system is its factual analysis of the Jury system and Judge system, offering readers a unique perspective.

The book sheds light on the influence of paid media sponsors on Indian leaders and their use of Indian resources in their war against China. It also addresses the communal tension between Hindus and Muslims in India and proposes ways to strengthen the Hindu religion to counter the dominance of missionaries and radical Islamist lobbies.

What truly sets this book apart is its solution-oriented approach. Unlike other political books, this one is committed to providing actionable solutions to readers who are passionate about driving change. Get ready for a compelling and thought-provoking read that challenges conventional wisdom and presents innovative ideas for a better future.


In conclusion, we can say that the book is a must-read for all types of political, defense, and social enthusiasts. It surely is not a blend read and has the capability of trapping one into its though provoking rabbit hole. Just reading the book once is enough for you to understand what happens behind the curtains in politics.


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