Artistic Illustration of Mind Control Using Electromagnetic Radiation, Read Article for more information.
Image 1: Artistic Illustration of Mind Control Using Electromagnetic Radiation, Read Article for more information.

Psychotronic torture is the use of radar, electromagnetic radiation, and surveillance methods to cause bodily harm, implant sounds and ideas into people’s minds, make someone hear words in their heads, and use them as Psychotronic weapons that have the potential to injure, kill and do the actions as the controller wants.

According to some theories, bad actors—typically members of criminal organizations or government agents— using this technology since Coldwar and some also claimed they had been targeted. Medical experts have concluded that these experiences are either psychotic, a product of delusional diseases, or hallucinations, while some claim the Soviets and the CIA were conducting human experiments during Coldwar so why can’t they do it now? What is this Psychotronic Torture? Is it a fact or fiction, learn in this article.

What is Psychotronic Torture?

The phrase “psychotronic torture” is frequently found in theories and alternative ideologies. It refers to the notion that some people or organizations are employing cutting-edge technologies such as the use of radar, electromagnetic radiation, and surveillance methods to remotely target and control the feelings, ideas, and bodily experiences of particular people, frequently for evil intentions to cause bodily harm, implant sounds and ideas into people’s minds, make someone hear words in their heads, and use them as Psychotronic weapons that have the potential to injure, kill and do the actions as the controller wants. Occasionally, these purported technologies are called “Mind Control Using Electromagnetic Radiation” electronic harassment, electromagnetic torture, or “psychotronic weapons.”

Many claims usually center around concepts such as mind reading, remote brain manipulation and control, and the capacity to cause pain or suffering in people without coming into direct touch or contact with them. Conspiracy theories also state that government agents use radar, electromagnetic radiation (such as the microwave auditory effect), and surveillance techniques to transmit sounds and thoughts into people’s heads, affect people’s bodies, harass people, and use them as they want and make them work as they want.

However, claims of psychotronic torture have been repeatedly refuted and dismissed by specialists in various disciplines, such as psychology, physics, and neuroscience. They frequently explained such claims more logically and with fact-based explanations for symptoms or experiences.

It is crucial to remember that during the Cold War, both the Soviets and the CIA were conducting human experiments to find ways to control the human mind and make them do work as they wanted, one of the popular examples is Project MKUltra. They were using many kinds of Drugs and electromagnetic radiation for the experiments but there is not enough evidence that they fully succeeded in these experiments. Also in modern times, no strong scientific data and evidence supports such claims or the allegations of psychotronic torture. Most people think of the idea as belonging to the conspiracy theories and pseudoscience category and reject these ideas with delusional thinking and paranoia.

History and the Origin of the Idea

As we stated both the Soviets and the CIA were conducting covert mind-control human experiments during the Cold War in which low-frequency electromagnetic waves and many kinds of Drugs were used to influence and control the ideas, and feelings of people. Repeated references to these experiments the CIA’s MKUltra program and the scientific publication “Human auditory system response to modulated electromagnetic energy,” are the origin of the phrase Psychotronic Torture.

Mind control conspiracy theorists argue that they have discovered allusions to covert weapons in official initiatives like “Project Pandora,” a DARPA study into the biological and behavioral impacts of microwave radiation that was initiated following the Moscow Signal incident—the Soviet Union’s 1953 bombardment of the American embassy in Moscow with microwaves. Later it was found that the Soviets were not trying to control minds but rather were interested in electrical jamming and eavesdropping. After studying the effects of radiation exposure at work, Project Pandora’s scientific review committee concluded that microwave radiation could not be employed as a mind control tool.

The 2002 US Air Force Research Laboratory patent for using microwaves to implant spoken phrases into someone’s head is another often-cited example by conspiracy theorists. Those who fear they are being targeted are fueled by rumors of ongoing classified research, even though there is no proof that microwaves can be used for mind control. A 1987 U.S. National Academy of Sciences report commissioned by the Army Research Institute stated Psychotronics as one of the “colorful examples” of claims of psychic warfare that first appeared in anecdotal descriptions, newspapers, and books throughout the 1980s.

Claims that “range from incredible to the outrageously unbelievable” were made in the study, including the use of purported psychotronic weapons such as a “hyperspatial nuclear howitzer” and the idea that Russian psychotronic weapons caused Legionnaire’s illness and the sinking of the USS Thresher. Despite rumors and stories, as well as military decision-makers envisaged potential uses for such weapons, the committee noted that “nothing approaching scientific literature supports the claims of psychotronic weaponry.”

According to military analyst Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas, there was a strong belief in Russia that weapons for attacking a soldier’s mind were a possibility, even though no working devices were reported but it is also true that the Psychotronic weapons were reportedly being studied by the Russian Federation during the 1990s.

In the middle of the 1990s, a group in Russia known as “Victims of Psychotronic Experimentation” tried to sue the Federal Security Service for allegedly violating their civil liberties by “beaming rays” at them, putting chemicals in the water, and using magnets to change their minds. The early 1990s disclosure of covert research into “psychotronic” psychological warfare tactics may have contributed to these anxieties. After 5 years in 1995, State Duma committee member Vladimir Lopatkin observed that “something secret for so many years is the perfect breeding ground for conspiracy theories.”

People’s Claim of Psychotronic Torture

Former US NSA agent Mike Beck thinks electronic harassment caused his Parkinson’s condition. “The US National Security Agency has no evidence that such a weapon exists and if it was associated with the hostile country in the late 1990s, was or was not used against Mr. Beck,” the NSA said in a statement provided to Beck’s lawyer Mark Zaid in 2014. The statement also stated that the agency had received “intelligence information from 2012 associating the hostile country to which Mr. Beck traveled in the late 1990s with a high-powered microwave system weapon.” Later NSA General Counsel Glenn Gerstell stated that “the agency has not found any proof that Beck or his coworker were attacked.”

From 2007 to 2008 many people organized and campaigned to stop the use of alleged psychotronic and other mind-control weapons, former U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who included a provision banning “psychotronic weapons” in a 2001 bill that was later dropped, and former Missouri State Representative Jim Guest also supported these campaigns.

On August 13, 2013, a 20-year-old man named Fuaed Abdo Ahmed took a man and two women hostage inside the Tensas State Bank branch in St. Joseph. He finally killed both of the hostages and himself. Ahmed was officially diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was hearing voices during a follow-up police inquiry. Ahmed had claimed that his ex-girlfriend’s family had put some sort of “microphone device” inside of him.

On September 16, 2013, Aaron Alexis killed twelve people and injured three more, at the Washington Navy Yard using a shotgun on which he had written “my ELF weapon”. Alexis was found to have delusional beliefs by the FBI. Among these ideas was the notion that “extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves” were controlling or influencing him but later no strong evidence was found.

On November 20, 2014, Myron May opened fire on the Florida State University campus, injuring three persons. Upon encountering law enforcement, May was shot and killed. Before the incident, he was highly influenced by the idea that he was being watched by the government and that he was hearing voices.

A follower of many anti-government movements and conspiracy theories, Gavin Eugene Long killed three police officers and injured three more on July 17, 2016, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. However, he was most known for being a part of a group that assisted individuals with “remote brain experimentation, remote neural monitoring of an entire human’s body.”

On October 12, 2021, Matthew Choi, a 30-year-old South African, killed a taxi driver in Hong Kong. Choi claimed to be the victim of V2K electronic harassment and had made comments about “being brainwashed through microwave” since 2015. He was labeled as “extremely dangerous” by the police, and the story garnered widespread notice in the city.

Expert’s Opinions

According to Palm Springs psychiatrist Alan Drucker people who are afraid of mind control run a plethora of websites and vast internet support networks. Many of these websites have evidence of delusional disorders. Psychologists agree that these kinds of websites negatively reinforce mental health issues, but some argue that accepting and sharing a common delusion can serve as a kind of group cognitive therapy.

Psychologist Sheridan claims that the volume of internet material regarding electronic harassment that presents it as reality without any critical analysis fosters an ideologically damaging environment for this kind of behavior.

A 2006 British study conducted by Vaughan Bell and independent doctors concluded that signs of psychosis are strongly present in many claims. Their assessment was based on a sample of online mind-control accounts whose posters were very likely to be schizophrenic. Psychologists claim that numerous cases of persons reporting mind control experiences online are highly likely to be influenced by delusional beliefs.


Although some people find the concept of psychotronic torture to be fascinating no strong scientific data and evidence support such claims or the allegations of psychotronic torture. It’s an idea with no strong scientific evidence foundation, and its assertions are usually connected to conspiracy theories and pseudoscience. We may dispel these myths by comprehending the historical background, the limitations of strong evidence, the intricacies of the human mind, and the influence of suggestions.

In the end, distinguishing reality from fiction is crucial to our effort to create a society that is more knowledgeable and sensible. But we do agree that during the Cold War the Soviets the US, and other countries were conducting human experiments using many kinds of Drugs and electromagnetic radiation to find ways to control the human mind and make it work as they want, but there is not enough evidence that they fully succeeded or not. In modern times no strong scientific data and evidence supports such claims or the allegations of psychotronic torture. Therefore, in a time when information may spread quickly, it is crucial to promote critical and logical thinking, and before accepting any statements and claims we must examine them critically with reliable evidence, logical and critical thinking.

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