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History: Articles on the topic of the study of the development of science, including both the natural and social sciences and Culture.

Khmer Empire Lost City Of Mahendraparvata

Uncovering the Lost City of the Khmer Empire

In this article, we will explore the history of the Khmer Empire, the discovery of Mahendraparvata, and what it can teach us about this fascinating civilization.
Artistic reconstruction of Indus Valley(Harappan Civilization) Diorama.

Science and Technology in Harappan Civilization

How was science and technology in Harappan civilization? how civilized and developed they are in science and technology? And what were their inventions and discoveries?
That Dreadful Smog Of London

Remembering the Deadly Great Smog of London

A severe environmental disaster and a period of prolonged air pollution swallowed up the city, causing widespread illness and death.
Artistic Illustration of the Kalinga War

The Kalinga War: A Turning Point in Ancient Indian History

Learn how the Kalinga War was a turning point in ancient Indian history, and a series of events that led to its dire consequences.
Rocket parts were carried by the Isro scientists on bicycles and Bullock carts

ISRO: One of the World’s Largest Space Organizations

How ISRO became one of the world's largest space organizations?, Know from ISRO's history to future projects of ISRO, in this article of History of Isro.
heliocentric model

Through Centuries Great Astronomers Claimed How the Earth Rotates From

Copernicus was not the first who claimed that the Earth rotates around the Sun. Know how great astronomers and mathematicians through centuries predicted and explained, how Earth Moves Around The Sun.
Artistic Illustration Of Dark Matters

Dark Matter: Discovery of Unseen Sub-Atomic Particles

Know the history of the discovery of dark matter in Hindi. When did the existence of dark matter begin and how it remains a mystery to scientists even today.
Starvation was omnipresent in the Warsaw Ghetto for both young and old. Blid Bundesarchiv/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA.

Jewish Doctors Secretly Documented the Effects of Nazi-Imposed Starvation.

Jewish Doctors Secretly Documented the Effects of Nazi-Imposed Starvation in a book that has been discovered by a researcher at Tufts University near Boston.
Color Photo of Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, later known as Mata Hari.

Mata Hari: The Enigmatic Spy and Seductress

Uncover the fascinating story of Mata Hari, the femme fatale of the espionage world, her espionage activities, and the controversies surrounding her trial and execution.
Sindhu Ghati Ka Itihas

The Indus Valley Civilization: An Ancient Society Ahead of Its Time

In this article, we will take a closer look at the history of the Indus Valley Civilization, from its origins to its decline and eventual disappearance.
Robert Clive meeting Mir Jafar after the Battle of Plassey | Credit: Francis Hayman

Battle of Plassey and Buxar: The East India Company’s Rise to...

In this article, learn about the Battle of Plassey and Buxar, the key military tactics and technology used in battle and political and social implications of the victory.