Shri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy

The Mysterious Chamber of Secrets of an Indian Temple, Shri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple, where the temple management officials were already aware of the existence of the six vaults. The mysterious chambers of Shri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple are located very close to its western part in the center of the temple, where the deity is kept. For documentation purposes, these vaults are designated as A, B, C, D, E, and F. Subsequently, two more vaults have been identified and named as vaults G and H. The four vaults C, D, E, and F, are in the custody of the temple priests and are opened at least eight times each year and the material stored in them is regularly extracted for use on the occasion of a special ceremony.

As per the orders of the Supreme Court of India –

As per the orders of the Supreme Court of India, a court-appointed committee opened the vault on 30 June 2011 and entered the vault. He opened an iron grille and a heavy wooden door then removed a granite slab from the floor. Below, five or six steps led to a small, dark room that had stored the treasure. Where various objects were found to be scattered everywhere, they were not systematically arranged. It had baskets, pottery, copper utensils, all valuable items. It took about 12 days to take the treasure out and take an inventory of it.

Vault B has not been opened for centuries. Members of the Supreme Court-appointed committee opened the metal-grille door to Vault B and discovered a strong wooden door behind it. He also opened this door and faced a third door made of iron, which was closed. Observers considered coercion in their own way, but considered it unfair; He decided to make a lock. Then, in mid-July, before the locksmith arrived, the royal family received an injunction from the Supreme Court against the opening of Vault B.

The Vaults G and H are also closed for centuries as of May 2016, but opened in the late 1800s and also contained valuables that were documented at the time. The main vault or seventh vault is Vault B. Walt B’s Mysterious Door

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