Artistic Illustration of Nuclear Winter representing the potential aftermath of a nuclear war.
Image 1: Artistic Illustration Of Nuclear Winter representing the potential aftermath of a nuclear war that could involve firestorms, a nuclear winter, widespread radiation sickness from fallout, and the temporary loss of much modern technology due to electromagnetic pulses.

What is Nuclear Winter?

Nuclear winter has a severe and prolonged global climate cooling effect, which is caused by large-scale fire smoke after nuclear war. During this situation, the sunlight does not reach the surface of the Earth due to the huge change of smoke. Due to this, for a long time on Earth, it becomes full of radiation, dark, and very cold conditions.


In the Second World War, about 1,29,000 people died from the atomic bomb called the little boy in Japan by the US. Which was the only use of nuclear weapons for war in history? The consequences of nuclear weapons during the cold war that lasted from 1947 to 1991 were limited only to the damage and radiation caused by the explosion. But in the modern era it can take an even more terrible form. Know further how –

In 1983, research on Nuclear winter was carried out by Carl Sagan and many scientists, in which the situation after nuclear war was researched by computer models and computer simulation, which found that nuclear war can actually create a rare and terrible situation.

Nuclear winter computer models and computer simulation

According to computer models and computer simulation of Nuclear winter, if nuclear war takes place on a global scale, it will dissolve about 100 million tons of smoke ash in the atmosphere immediately. Shortly after this, 10% to 25% of the smoke will start falling on the earth in the form of a black and acid rain. The remaining ash and smoke will make up to 90% of sunlight.

Due to which the average temperature on the Earth’s surface will fall to about -25 ° C. Across Asia and Europe, temperatures will go up to -30 ° C. Due to such working temperature, crop and agricultural systems will be completely destroyed. With this, you can only guess how much danger humanity can pose by nuclear war.

India’s anti-missile defense shield

Whether or not nuclear war will happen is difficult to say. But we should be prepared in advance to avoid any such man-made situation.

Although our country India has anti-missile technology available, which we can also call India’s anti-missile defense shield. India has two such defense shields – first earth air defense and second advanced air defense system.

India is the fourth country in the world after America, Russia, and Israel to have such a strong defense shield. India has the capability to destroy any nuclear missile in the air with its defense shield.

What is Nuclear Winter? | Video explanation.

What is Nuclear Winter? | Video definition.

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